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Monday, August 9, 2010


My absolute favorite place in Logan is my very own home and one reason I love it so much is because of our neighborhood.

When we decided to buy a house nearly 4 years ago we really didn't look very much. We were limited in how much we could spend and that made for slim pickings. I think our house was only the second we looked at and I'm not sure we loved it at first, but it was solid, had hardwood floors and fit within our price range.

I didn't know much about the neighborhood at first, though I loved that our house was on a named street, rather than most streets in Logan which are numbered. Within the first few days of moving in we had so many neighbors come to our house, introduce themselves and bring bread or other goodies. I felt so welcomed!

As time went on I just fell in love with our little spot in Logan. The neighborhood is very diverse - probably half of the people are LDS and half are not (in Logan, this is a big deal!). We have older couples, single parents, young families, couples without children and lots of dog lovers - and Subaru drivers, which makes us stand out with our Volvos. We have a few parks within walking distance, the university is 5 minutes away and the mountains are just a mile down the road. We really lucked out.

As I looked for houses in Michigan I wanted to duplicate what we've got going right here. I have a good feeling about the neighborhood in which we're moving into, but we'll just have to see. It'll be tough to compete with what we found in Logan.

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