Abe Said it Best

"When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion."

Monday, August 9, 2010


My absolute favorite place in Logan is my very own home and one reason I love it so much is because of our neighborhood.

When we decided to buy a house nearly 4 years ago we really didn't look very much. We were limited in how much we could spend and that made for slim pickings. I think our house was only the second we looked at and I'm not sure we loved it at first, but it was solid, had hardwood floors and fit within our price range.

I didn't know much about the neighborhood at first, though I loved that our house was on a named street, rather than most streets in Logan which are numbered. Within the first few days of moving in we had so many neighbors come to our house, introduce themselves and bring bread or other goodies. I felt so welcomed!

As time went on I just fell in love with our little spot in Logan. The neighborhood is very diverse - probably half of the people are LDS and half are not (in Logan, this is a big deal!). We have older couples, single parents, young families, couples without children and lots of dog lovers - and Subaru drivers, which makes us stand out with our Volvos. We have a few parks within walking distance, the university is 5 minutes away and the mountains are just a mile down the road. We really lucked out.

As I looked for houses in Michigan I wanted to duplicate what we've got going right here. I have a good feeling about the neighborhood in which we're moving into, but we'll just have to see. It'll be tough to compete with what we found in Logan.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ooops, missed yesterday.

Friday night we were guests of a lovely dinner hosted by the Multicultural Center of Cache Valley. I was fortunate to be asked to be on the board of this great non-profit within 2 months of our return to Logan in 2006. It was one of the things that gave me hope for a successful return for our family, that I would be able to be involved with something I felt passionate about - helping people!

The Multicultural Center has not always been an easy organization to support, there have been bumps in the road, but I am so excited with the direction it is currently headed and the expansion of programs offered to the community. I am proud to have been part of its journey.

While here I was also involved with Somebody's Attic - first as a returning employee (I volunteered and later was employed by S.A. when I lived in Logan before) and later as a board member. It was actually really tough to work at S.A. when we came back to Logan, because I felt like I'd pressed the rewind button on my life, but it ended up bringing a lot of good: meeting some wonderful people, bringing Sophie to work with me and showing her the importance of community organizations and making connections for other organizations.

There were other ways I was able to be involved in Logan and I loved it! Logan is the kind of town in which you feel you can bring people together and do something to give back. There are so many wonderful non-profit groups in the area and so many ways in which people can volunteer. It's a great place for getting involved in the community.

Friday, August 6, 2010


"For one moment our lives met, our souls touched." Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite authors - The Picture of Dorian Gray, my favorite book and The Selfish Giant, my favorite story.

This quote came up on something I saw today and it is perfect for today's post about something so important to me in Logan, the part making it so hard to leave: friends.

Moving back to Logan was so hard for me, because I didn't want to go back, I wanted to go forward! I was very fortunate to find a job at Sophie's school right away and during the training another employee came in with a cup from Starbucks, which was a sign (I LOVE Starbucks and in Utah, it's not as common to find fellow coffee drinkers as it is elsewhere). Long story less long, Lisa and I became good friends fast. I say she saved me that first year when I was adjusting to living in Utah once again. The crazy thing was, Lisa's husband got a job at another university and they moved away nearly a year after I met her. I was heartbroken, but fortunately, I'd gotten involved in Logan and things were going well, so I shed a lot of tears, but was able to move on!

Since Lisa's departure I've been fortunate to have really good friends, some I see more frequently than others, but all who've touched my life. I am fearful of listing them lest I leave anyone out and as the quote states, they have all touched my soul.

The really cool thing for me is the friendships I've formed with some wonderful women who just happen to be LDS. I had quite a chip on my shoulder before about the LDS Church and although I still don't agree with some of the teachings of the religion, I love my friends who are LDS so much that I know there is much good coming out of that religion, because my friends live their beliefs. I think there is a uniqueness when a religion is dominant and you get to be the outsider, but you are embraced and exchanges about your beliefs can be done with respect and nurtured curiosity. I have enjoyed learning more about what it is that drives my friends in their daily lives and in the decisions they make for themselves and their families. I also respect my friends who branched out and hung out with someone who at times wanted to challenge those very things with which they use as a compass in their lives.

I'm very sad about leaving the people I love in Logan. I have to believe there are friendships just waiting to be formed in Jackson and I am fortunate to have friends with whom I get to see again outside of Jackson, but good-byes are so tough - and now, as the tears start to shed I will take a deep breath, just one of many, and be so thankful for all those lives who touched my soul.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This morning my friend, Natalie, and I hiked the Crimson Trail and the beauty surrounding us was breathtaking and almost too real to fathom. Of course, I didn't have a camera, not even my phone, which is a bummer, because if you have not witnessed the beauty of Utah, you really should.

I have only hiked a few trails in the area, I tend to do the same ones over and over, but each time I do them there is something new at which to marvel. Today it was seeing 2 owls in flight, incredible. Their wingspan and beauty was such a sight, very powerful.

It is one of my favorite things about living in Logan, to escape to the beauty of the mountains with just a 5-minute drive. One feels so small, so at peace and realizes that if our world can contain something so incredible, it is a good place to be.